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R-Co Stoveshields are constructed of high insulating, non-combustible materials with steel overlay over the entire surface and edging to prevent cracking, warping and breakage, as well as being lightweight (4 pounds per square foot). All protectors are surface coated with durable, non-combustible, decorative Space Guard coating in brick, stone and tile design. All have recessed mortar joints that give these protectors a three dimensional effect and adds to the realism of brick, stone and tile.

R-Co Stoveshields are manufactured under the UL follow-up system and identified with the UL/cUL Label. Select from the many styles, sizes and colors to customize the installation to your own distinctive taste. All protectors are individually packed, with instructions and installation hardware included.


R-CO STOVESHIELD floor and wall protectors are tested and listed by UL for direct installation to combustible walls or floors. NO airspace is needed.


R-CO Floor/Wall Shields are intended for use with UL LISTED solid fuel type room heater and fireplace stoves. Floor protectors may be used in place of 3/8" millboard (with a K factor of K=0.84 BTU in/FT2 HrF.) when specified by the manufacturers of the heaters and stoves. The minimum floor area to be covered by the protector must be at least that specified by the solid fuel appliance installation instructions. Select the size floor protector to best fit the stove or heater.



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