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Concrete Block Basements

Concrete Masonry Units

Manufactured according to the latest construction specifications, on state-of-the-art production equipment, Phelps Cement Products Architectural Masonry Units are truly “Better Products for Better Buildings”.

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  • Lightweight Block
  • Colored Block
  • Rib Block Architectural Block


  • Concrete Block Basements

    The Smart Choice for - Durable, Creative, Warm & Dry Living Space.

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    Concrete Block can help homeowners and builders create a "Warm and Dry" home.

    Building attractive homes calls for innovative design and planning. The Basement is often overlooked as economical space for quality living. With a concrete block basement, a home's prime living area can be dramatically increased with minimal foundation modifications and without substantial increase in construction costs.

    By using glass block, standard windows, exterior window wells or changes in grade along with French doors or sliders - you can create an area in your basement with warm dry and sunny rooms.

    Only concrete block offers you versatility of design, strong quality construction, dry warm and a fire resistant structure.

    Qualities offered by using concrete block for you Basement:

    • Versatility of Design
    • Quality & Strength
    • Energy Efficient
    • Fire Safety
    • Dry Living Space
    • Attractive & Durable Interior